a graph showing network marketing growth

Network Marketing Growth In India

Network Marketing is the 21st-century business. Future of network marketing in India is very promising. A report by KPMG in India and FICCI publishes a whopping growth of ₹645 billion by 2025.

Network Marketing was introduced in the 1980s in India. In less than two decades, the direct selling industry has created 5 million self-employment opportunities. The scope of network marketing in India is increasing every year.  Network Marketing was first started in the USA. USA has around 60% of the population involved in MLM.

During the launch of Make In India, the honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi mentioned:

If the poor get jobs, the purchasing power of families will increase.

Every year India is generating a workforce of 12 million people. So India needs to create job opportunities for all of them. Direct sales not only provides income opportunities but also provides skills in sales, management, human behavior, and speaker. These skills can be used outside the industry.

Mr. Narendra Modi during Skill India launch said:

Unemployment India’s biggest concern, direct selling at rescue.

a graph showing network marketing growth

In spite of several years of substantial increase and contribution in the Indian economy, this industry is considered regardless of business. This is because of the Ponzi and Money Circulation schemes. Due to lack of knowledge, people fall in the scams and started blaming the whole industry.

This was the biggest hurdle in further growth of the industry. On 9th September 2016, the Indian Government issued the guidelines to regulate the MLM companies in India. Before the regulatory, there were 3000+ legal/illegal companies in India. After the regulatory, 90% of fake Ponzi schemes companies were shut.

List of registered direct selling companies in India

Women are dominating the MLM business with 58% of the workforce.pie chart showing women and men share in network marketin

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The network marketing industry has the potential to create an important social and economic impact in India. FICCI and KPMG estimate that the industry has the capacity to reach the size of INR 645 billion by 2025, which is driven by the increase in consumer markets and the reach of direct sales at comparable levels globally.

Network marketing will provide self-employment opportunities to India’s large workforce.

Network Marketing involves 58% of women workforce.


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