N - Graph the key to Success


Network Marketing is not a magic wand that you have joined a Network Marketing Company today and tomorrow you will start making millions. To achieve success in Network Marketing, it is very important to understand “N” graph.

“N” Graph for Networking is



1st Year

In the first year, you make 100% effort but your income is very less. Your first year in network marketing is the phase where you get to learn very much about the business, you will make mistakes and learn from them. In the first year, you will build your relationship with associates who are going to work with you for a long time.

2nd Year

In the second year, your team starts multiplying and you start making a substantial income. Still, in 2nd year, 75% of your effort will give you 25% of income. Your second year in network marketing is spent in leading the new associates and helping them in building their team.

3rd Year

In the third year, when your team size increases you have to do very less work with respect to previous two years. In a 3rd year, your team starts multiplying, you will start creating major leaders in your team. 

4th Year

The final year in networking marketing growth program, you will start enjoying the real benefits of networking. Your team will have big leaders who will grow your team further. At this stage, you will be doing leadership programs for your team. Your only responsibility will be carving out new leaders in the team.

Network Marketing is the four-year graduate program in which you have taken admission. Follow the system and people will follow you. 

Winners NEVER quit, And Quitters NEVER win.

Just don’t quit. You will see many successful networkers in the system who didn’t make a single penny in 6 months, but today they are making more than 1 crores INR.

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