Invitation in Network Marketing By calling

How To Invite In Network Marketing?

The invitation, the most crucial step in Network Marketing is whatever you say to your prospect to invite in. The more attractive and energetic it will be, more people will accept your invitation. Here are the golden rules which will help you to invite prospects in network marketing.

Rules to get a perfect invitation Script in network marketing are the following :

Rule #1

Always call your prospect for the invitation. Avoid texting or messaging as it is not an appropriate way for an invitation.

Rule #2

Start the conversation in FORM format.

Rule #3

Stay confident like you are giving a world-class opportunity to him.

Rule #4

You should always have the hold over a phone call. A call should not be longer than 3 – 5 minutes.

Rule #5

Always stick to the point during an invitation. Never talk too much about any other topic even about the company details during an invitation.

Rule #6

Never use Network Marketing Keywords like a prospect, seminar, start, join etc.

Rule #7

More the edification, more the chances of him/her to join, so edification should be done properly.

Rule #8

Time and venue for the meeting should be fixed properly. Always give two meeting slots (specific time and venue) to him/her. Try to maintain at least one day gap between the invitation and the meeting.

Rule #9 

Ask four Qualifier Questions.

  1. Are you open-minded to learn new things?
  2. How much time you can invest?
  3. Whose decision will it be?
  4. How much money you can invest? (Optional)

Rule #10 

If a prospect agrees for the meeting, do edification of your senior business partner. After inviting call your UP LINE and fix the meeting.

Rule #11 

If a prospect forces you to tell more about the work or asks too many questions. You can show rejection by saying, a business can’t be discussed over a phone call. If you are not interested, no problem, I will talk to someone else. Anyway, I just need 2 to 3 partners only.

The script for Hot-

If you are close to someone you don’t have to push him/her for the meeting, you can simply talk to meet.

An instance of a usual script can be-
Hey, How are you, I came to know a wonderful business plan. Let's meet up tomorrow and discuss.

The script for warm/cold-

You - Hello, how are you? Is everybody okay at your home?

Prospect - Yes, everyone's okay, what about you?

You - I am fine, how's your job going?

Prospect - Going well/loving it/ I'm enjoying/its good etc.

You - Still going well or are you doing something to improve it?

Prospect - I want to do something. Do you have anything? Or why you have asked this question?

You - Yes, I am working on a great government-approved project (Avoid 'start or join' words),
Which I am doing without disturbing my current profession.
Currently, I am expanding it and I am searching for some serious partners. (Must use the word 'serious')
I just want to ask you, are you OPEN MINDED to learn new things.

Prospect - Yes, I am open-minded.

You - How much time you can invest in and whose decision will it be?

Prospect - The answer will vary person to person.

Listen to following audio clips to get exact script:

Common Questions you will encounter during an invitation in network marketing.

What is the project?

It’s a big project, It can’t be explained over a phone call. Let’s meet and talk.

What will I have to do?

See, I can’t explain it over a phone call. Let’s meet and discuss.

How much investment does it take?

It’s a big project, let’s meet and talk about it,  If I can do the investment, so can you. It is not a huge investment project, money will be managed. I’m looking for a serious partner who can start it quickly.

Is this chain member/AMWAY type, eBIZ type business?

I don’t know what are you talking about, mine is commission based income.


  • Follow the Golden Rules for the Invitation to get your best Invitation Script.
  • Invite on a call (3 minutes – 5 minutes maximum) and avoid messaging. Follow the FORM Format (F-Family, O- Occupation, R- Recreation, M- Money).
  • Avoid MLM keywords Stick to the point. Do the Edification and give the confirmed meeting slot with a solid time and venue.
  • Remember to ask the Qualifier Questions, and report your UP LINE.
  • Example Scripts are discussed above with frequently asked questions.
  • Make longer contact list for more Successful invitation. 

Know How To Make Contact List up to 1000 For Invitation.


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