Why And How To Set Goals ?

Goals, the toughest question of everyone’s life. Before reading this article ask yourself thoughtfully about your goals.

What are your life goals?

Have you set your life goals?

If YES, Have you set the path and time period to achieve that?

If NO, Don’t worry, this article will help you in setting goals and achieving them.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to goals, not by people and things.”

– By Albert Einstein

What are the Goals?

Goals are well-defined plans aimed at achieving a specific result. It is a road-map for achieving what you want in your life. The goals are the fuel of life. Like every living or non-living things need fuel to live, human being need goals to live their life. Now you must be thinking that No! Food and Water need to live for human being. Here I want to assure you, food and water need to run a human body, not to life.

Importance of Goals

If you set your life goals, life will change exceptionally. We should know that running in business and chasing in business is different and it makes a great difference to your success.

Just think for once “Will Letter reach anywhere without Address?”

Life without goals is like you are playing Temple Run, where you are running without reasons. It is like playing football without Goalpost. You cannot be successful until you have life goals.

Importance of Goals in Network Marketing

You will face many problems in Network Marketing. Many people to whom you have high expectations, might not support you. Many successful networker’s parents and family members were not with them initially. These adverse conditions will pull down, but the only thing that will push you and motivate you towards success are your goals and the passion of accomplishing it.

The Archer is asked to set above the mark as gravity will pull the arrow downward. Similarly, adverse conditions will not let you achieve anything, but goals will be the only factor that will motivate you for the business.

Sharing goal list with your team will increase massive trust in team members.

Look, spraying water on leaves cannot give strong roots, watering plants will do, and goals are the root of this business.

How to Set Goals?

We have discussed so far about the Goals, and it’s importance and, now we will discuss how to set it.

There are two types of Goal Setting on the basis of a time frame.

1. Short Term Goals:

Short-term goals are anything which you want to achieve in less than 2-3 years. STG is something that you want to achieve in coming future like in a month, a year. It can be a pen or an expensive phone. Short-term Goals should always have a deadline as a date.

Short-term Goals appear small, but achieving them can drive you to big successes in your lifetime and career. It acts as a fuel for the long term goals.

2. Long Term Goals:

Long-term Goals are anything which you want to achieve in more than 5 years. Achievement of short-term goals will motivate you a lot for long-term goals. Long term goals can be 10,000 square feet villa, financial freedom etc.

Basic steps to achieve goals:

  • Note down your Goals.
  • Circle best 3 or 5.
  • Note down best 5 Practice anyone should do to achieve your goals. Look, a human brain is a miracle in this world. You can ask anything from your brain, it will always respond you with a solution. Work to achieve them by trying all those practices you have written.
  • Create a poster of your first goal in your list and paste it on the wall where you will be viewing it regularly. Punch a date on it. This practice will be remembering you in achieving it.
  • Be accountable for your goal. Track daily progress.

Use the following template to create a dream list

Dream Name Details Cost Terms (Short/Medium/Long) Target Date


Generally, everyone uses to imagine a life which is called Dream Life, and we use to assume one day will come when I will be living my dream life. Have you ever thought, exactly when you will be living your dream life ?

The only thing that is missing is, you are not considering your dreams. Goals are nothing but the dreams with deadlines.

In 1960, Honda Motor set a Goal. “We will destroy the competition.”

In 1970, Nike set a Goal. “Crush Adidas.”

An individual cannot reach anywhere without a destination on a journey. Similarly, An individual cannot be successful without goals.

Just making Goal list also doesn’t make anyone successful, You will have to work to achieve it and, by achieving, it will lead you towards success.



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