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Getting Started With Network Marketing


First I would like to congratulate you for taking a good decision to start with a Network Marketing company. You have the idea about why an individual should be involved in Network Marketing, if not have a quick read of Why Network Marketing? Let’s learn how to get started with Network Marketing.

How to get started with Network Marketing business?

Seven building blocks one should understand to just get started with Network Marketing.

Building Block #1 – Find the Purpose

Why you started Network Marketing? Find the reason – why do you want to be rich? Without purpose, you may lose your way and become depressed. When you have a clear purpose, you will have clear goals, clear plans and clear daily actions.

Clear purpose → Clear goals → Clear plans → Clear daily actions ✓

Building Block #2 – Belief

If you believe you can, you probably can, If you believe you won’t, you most assuredly won’t. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad.

Belief should be 100% on yourself, your seniors and system.

Building Block #3 – Goals

Know the importance of Goals. If you are helping your new associates to get started or either you are getting started, learn the importance of goals, how to set them and achieve your goals. Read the full article on goals here – Why And How To Set Goals?

Building Block #4 – Commitment
  • Give at least 7-10 hours weekly / daily 2 hours
  • Be consistent in Network Marketing for at least 3 years. You have to keep patience to grow in Network Marketing.
  • Do this business in part-time, not in spare time.
  • Attend all training and events organised by team or by the company. Network Marketing the business of duplication, your team will duplicate what you are doing.
  • Talk to your upline & downline daily for at least 10 minutes.
Building Block #5 – Contact List

Contact list building is one of the important steps in Network Marketing. List building or making a contact list of the people you know is highly important so that no names get missed. You have to share your business plan with each & every person you know.

Know why and how to make a contact list – How To Make Contact List?

Building Block #6 – N-Graph

Understand the concept of N-Graph in Network Marketing. Read N – GRAPH ‘KEY OF SUCCESS’

Building Block #7 – Education

To succeed in network marketing you have to keep learning and keep updating yourself with information. Focus on learning for 1-2 week after association. Learn more about the company, leaders, about business models and about different earnings. If any doubts ask your seniors.

Network Marketing Books:

  • Copy Cat Marketing – Berk Hedges – Download PDF OR Hindi Audio
  • Questions Are The Answers – Allen Pease – Download PDF
  • Business School – Robert T Kiyosaki
  • First Year In Network Marketing – Mark Yarnell

Network Marketing Videos:



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