12 Network Marketing Questions Every Networker Should Learn

After showing the plan to your prospect, it’s very rare that prospect will come forward and directly hand over the money to you. Remember, one who is genuinely interested in your venture will ask questions for sure. Don’t get frustrated with their questions, listen and answer them patiently and confidently. Read and learn these 12 network marketing questions and you are ready to close the sale.

Words do miracles. Choose Right words at right time.

Children take 2 years to learn what to speak. But (s)he takes a whole lifetime to learn what not to speak.

Handling prospect’s questions are the last phase where you either close a sale or lose the sale.

Use Feel, Felt, Found strategy before answering any question. This strategy is a sales closing technique and works like a charm.

What if the company is fraud?

Before associating with the business I thought the same.
(Now take a paper pen) explain the logical calculation as explained below.
Suppose in a week there are 1000 sales and every sale is of 14720/-. In a week 1000*14720 = 1.47cr./-
Explain your company’s distribution model. Generally, company amount distribution system is like
10%(profit) – Company
50%(payout) – Distributors
40%(product) – Manufacturing
So every week, the company has to release payout of approximately 75 lacs.
If the company will not release payout next week there will be no signup in the business.
In any case, the company does not have funding over 1 crore in a month.
So why will a company fraud for 1 crore if it can generate 40 lacs of profit per month and can make crores in long run?
The above answer was technical. Always give answers logically not emotionally.

I will join but, what if I am not able to sale further.

Yes, sir, you are right. When I was first introduced to the business I also had the same doubt, but the answer lies in your question.
Like you said you will join the business. My question to you is, why will you join the business?
Because there is no risk and have opportunity to make good passive income. Your Mr. A and Mr. B will also say I will join because of unlimited benefits, but what if I can’t find my associates. Similarly, A’s and B’s associates will have the same problem.
When everyone has the same problem that, (s)he will join but if they can’t find their associates. So everyone is joining but having the same problem, which is not a problem.

It isn’t my cup of tea or work is not of my level.

Before associating with the business I had same thoughts, then my senior asked me:
What is your level or what is your cup of tea?
You are saying about level, according to your level you must have 2-3 Mercedes, 4-5 BMW, you must be making millions in a month. My reply was no, nothing like that.
Sir, the level isn’t described by the philosophy/talks. No business is small or big in this world.
Reliance opened saloons for a haircut, opened Reliance Fresh to sell vegetables. Reliance is not ashamed of these. but if you are asked to open a hair salon you will feel ashamed for it.
Give a thought on this, had your level ever gave you world tour? Do you ever have INR 50 million at a time in your account? Have you ever driven luxury cars? Are you financially free? Can your level ever provide you with these things? Ask yourself, and if the answer is NO, then my dear friend this is your cup of tea. My senior always says this business can improve your level. People went from rags to riches in Network Marketing.
Shahrukh Khan says:

Don’t be a philosopher until you are rich.

I don’t have any contacts.

I also had the same problem. My senior asked me if I give you 500/- per name, how much you can write? I said 400 plus.
So these 400 plus people have friends, family, neighbors. They need money or not, they have dreams, they want to live a luxurious life or not. This means you have the list of people, you just never wrote it down. That’s why we think we don’t have contacts. Read how to make contact list in MLM?

Your company has many complaints on the internet?

With an exclaimed reaction say you found complaints? I thought this is a very good company, let’s check the complaints. There are only 20 to 25 complaints. You made me feel proud because the company has 20 lacs plus associates and we just found only 25 complaints, this is actually good.
You can search Taj Hotel complaints, you’ll get complaints.
You can search BMW, Audi complaints, you’ll see complaints.
Some people will always find the problem.
Problems will always come, don’t be a victim of the problem. Let’s become master of problem.
Problems will come, at every step, everywhere, every moment, you have to find the solution.

I don’t have time for this business

Sir, no one has time. We have to manage our time. All of us have the same time 24 hours. Akshay Kumar endorsing 12 products, shooting for movies, 16-18 hours work, 4-5 hours of sleep. But if you give him 10 crores and invite him in the opening session of your showroom or any event. He will manage his time, and we are far behind from him financially. The reason you are giving me not to do this business is the main reason to do it.
I have one question for you, Not having time is a failure or an achievement?

First, let me consult with friends and family, then I will join

Tell me whom would you ask first, your friends, family members.
Very good, what they are doing. He will give a brief introduction about them.
Show genuine interest and ask what would you tell them. There is a company, we have to join the business and give references to other people. After that, we will start making a good income. And do you really think that your father would say yes to definitely do it? If he says yes, it is wrong because he doesn’t know anything about business and if he says no, then it is also wrong because he doesn’t know anything about it. According to me, if you like the business you need no one to ask if you don’t then also you don’t need to ask. There are no lakhs of investment which you need to ask.

Let me first find my two associates, then I will join.

That’s a great idea. But let’s discuss the possibilities. You went to two people Ajay and Vijay, to make them your associates. They asked you, have you joined. Now there are two answers if you will say no I haven’t joined, then they will say you had come here to do an experiment. They will also say let them find their two associates then they will join. Similarly, their people will say the same, people see people do monkey see monkey do. Another option is to lie. Say them I have joined, then you start a business with a lie that represents a bad impression.
In a nutshell, you can’t find customers before opening shop. 

What is the total turn over of the company? How much they tax they file? Show me the balance sheets.

That’s a good question. But before answering that, let me ask you a very simple question. Have you ever asked the school to show there balance sheet, tax file before admission, have you ever asked how much IAS, businessmen, successful person they have ever created. I request you sir go and asked them, they will not show you. These type of things are not asked because of having trust. You purchase a washing machine, TV but you never asked for the balance sheet.

Answering your question, if you really want to validate, come with me to the head office. But before that give me one commitment you will join the business with the tripod. Sometimes balance sheets are made to save some taxes and that is not illegal. If someone asks you to show your bank account or your tax filing details, will you show him? The answer is no, you won’t.

Network marketing has so much negativity in the market

Negative means there is too much failure in this. People get associated with the business and see failure because of their own faults. Sir tell me one work in which there is no failure. The profession in which there are maximum chances of improving life, it also has maximum negativity.

In this modern age, the Bollywood industry is still not considered great in spite of giving so many superstars. 3000+ people per day come to Mumbai to become a celebrity in the film industry, means approx. 0.1 million in a month and 1.2 million in a year and in 20 years 25 million tries to become superstars. Now tell me 20 superstars in 25 million. Rest of the population give up. 99% people give up when it comes to doing struggles, rejection and they become negative and spread negativity. Always think positive, work as per the system and get a chance to live a luxurious life.

Why direct sales have negativity because we talk with 5 people, and when they will reject us. We can’t lead over the rejection and leave the business. And then we become negative and spread negativity in the market.

I don’t have money to start

When I first saw the business I also didn’t have the money to start. Then my senior asked me that from how many years I am doing into the job. I said 6 years, then he told me after 6 years in the job if you don’t have INR 15000, it is a very big concern. What am I doing in my life?

We have to think that if due to some emergency, you need INR 2 Lacs. Then what will you do to arrange? This business is for them who need money. I wouldn’t have asked you if you were making INR 2 million in a month. Let’s start together and we will rock.

One day all people will join the business and saturation point will come

You are correct sir, saturation point will come in the industry. But first, let’s see, how much time will it take to reach the saturation point. We are living in one of the most populated countries in the world with over 1 billion population. And as I told you earlier, currently only 4% of the population is involved in network marketing. To involve 50% of the population in direct sales it will take 20+ years. By that time you will be retired from your job/business.

There are facts associated:

  1. Population increases every second.
  2. Every industry reaches a saturation point, but every industry sees innovation. E.g TVs are in each and every home, but still, popular companies like LG, Samsung, Sony are manufacturing TV.

Remember these universal questions by Mr. Sonu Sharma, which are frequently asked by prospects during followup. 



  1. I faced mainly 2 questions.
    1. People will not get associated with me
    2. I don’t have money.
    These answers really help.
    Please add audio for “company has many complaints” and answers for some questions like “My father will not allow” ? “I have to think about this before taking decision”.
    That would be really helpful.

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